General Rules !

General Rules !

Postby Rainbow » Sat Dec 01, 2012 6:57 am

    Dear visitors welcome to our forum Kittygirlfriends - amateur porn board :)

* the forum is intended to persons more than 18 years of age

Before we get started on the forum please read this rules:

We NOT allowed:

1. Illegal content:
- child porn
- real incest
- zoo, snuff, real rape and humiliation, scat
- studio, professional porn !allowed only amateur content remember this!

2. You may NOT have more than one account.

3. Before posting, you must review Allowed file hosts lists

4. Prohibited any advertising. Advertising of other sites and forums, advertising of products and and so on... Advertising in signatures is also prohibited, only with the personal permission of the administration.
Signature links only may be used to link to another Kittygfs page or to a member's download link folder.

5. Spam is prohibited in any form, including spam via private messages.

6. You MAY NOT use money generating redirecting links (i.e. link-bucks, cash-url)

7. Do not post in wrong section. No reposting/double posting of any kind.

8. It is forbidden to insult, humiliate and threaten other participants in the forum and Administration.
Unacceptable racial and religious discrimination. Kittygfs it is a tolerant community.

9. Each member is personally liable for content that is published !

From 27.10.2014 we do changes in the rules about photo galleries posting: now all picture topics without filehost links should be published only in new forum section: Jailbait/Amateur picture galleries (without filehost links) viewforum.php?f=20
In these sections:
Jailbait Pictures
Amateur XXX photos

Allowed posting only with filehost link

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